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Award-winning anti-spam software
for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Completely stops spam
  • Works immediately upon installation with no configuration
  • Stops annoying interruptions from spam and repeat offenders
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Effective and Easy to Use

CA® Anti-Spam makes dealing with spam painless and effortless. The technology in CA Anti-Spam (formerly Qurb) software has been consistently rated the easiest to use, most effective anti-spam software available. Read some of the reviews.

"…Qurb couldn't be more elegant or simpler to use. It adds a mere three buttons and a folder to your Microsoft Outlook client..." Cade Metz and Larry Seltzer, PC Magazine

"…Qurb is the only spam fighter we've seen that stops 100 percent of junk e-mail straight out of the box. Impressive? You bet." CNet product review. March 2003.

CallerID for Email

CA® Anti-Spam works like CallerID — messages from people you know are delivered to your inbox and all other messages are quarantined.

CA Anti-Spam automatically builds your whitelist of approved senders by scanning your saved/sent email and contacts during installation. As you work with your email, CA Anti-Spam automatically updates the list on your behalf.

Never Miss a Legitimate Message

CA® Anti-Spam provides a unique quarantine review feature to ensure you never overlook a message received from someone using a new email address you haven't sent before. At convenient times you specify, CA Anti-Spam will alert you if any new messages have been quarantined.

The Unreviewed Quarantined Message panel helps you quickly and easily find any legitimate messages by placing the messages that are most likely to be legitimate at the top of the list. Text previews help you decide if an email is legitimate before you approve a message.

CA Anti-Spam automatically deletes quarantined messages permanently after an aging period you specify.